DATA MEDIA Ltd. is a private and independent company of sociological research, founded in 1995, with a 100% Romanian capital.

DATA MEDIA provides full-services in qualitative and quantitative research, from conceptual approach to the scrutinised issue and development of research projects, including: designing samples, elaborating and testing questionnaires/interview guides, data collection, monitoring field activity, a logical control of the collected data, data processing and analysing, performing conclusions and elaborating out final reports. DATA MEDIA also offers expert and consulting services.

Main fields of research:
Social and Opinion Research — about: mentalities, values, attitudes, life styles; political and electoral behaviour; perceptions on current events/trends etc.
Media & Communication Research — about: consumption behaviour (habits, preferences, motivations, expectations); messages (content analysis); the image of products, brands, institutions, public persons; the impact of information and promotion campaign etc.;
Marketing Research — about: consumer satisfaction and motivations; the market potential of new products; marketing strategies etc.

Main research methods and procedures:
Quantitative: ad hoc surveys, omnibus-polls, panel surveys; telephone polls; the experiment; the observational method and content analysis.
Qualitative: group discussions; in-depth interviews; expert consultations; case studies.

DATA MEDIA’s shareholders: Melania Borţun (95%) and Ileana Borţun (5%).
Administrator and Director General: Melania Borţun, doctor in sociology.
Since 1996, Melania Borţun has been a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research – The World Association of Research Professionals). Since 1998, DATA MEDIA Ltd. has been included, year after year, in ESOMAR Directory – RESEARCH ORGANISATIONS ( Being affiliated to ESOMAR, DATA MEDIA strictly respects ICC/ESOMAR Code.
In 2001, DATA MEDIA was a founding-member of the Romanian Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (SORMA), a professional organisation affiliated to ESOMAR.
DATA MEDIA’s permanent and part-time employees are specialized in sociology, psychology, public relations, marketing, statistics and computer science, having a highly and varied research expertise. DATA MEDIA has a national network of trained interviewers and regional supervisors, which covers all the 41 counties of Romania and the capital Bucharest.